Clan of the Dark Mist

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Welcome Warriors to the Clan of the Dark Mist. 

We are a fun loving group of people who play the Clash of Clans mobile app.  We are here to help each other, make friends and kick some virtual butt!!

Clan Specifics

  • The Clan is usually open my invitation only. Sometimes we have open membership hours
  • Clan War Initiates twice a week at the  pleasure of War Chief.
  • This clan is based in United States
  • The Gate Keeper or any Co-Leader will kick out any member who violates clan rules

Warriors of the Dark Mist Code
Dark Mist warriors are members of the light.
Dark Mist warriors are sworn to valor
Our Hearts know only virtue
Our Weapons defends the helpless
Our Might upholds the weak
Our Words speaks only truth
Our Wrath undoes the wicked.
Through strength, we gain power.
Through power, we gain victory.
Through victory, we gain Peace.
Victory or Death!

The Clan Rules are Simple

  1. Profanity is NEVER EVER ALLOWED
  2. Be Excellent to One Another
  3. Participation is Mandatory
  4. Donate Troops before you start asking for troops.
  5. Give as many troops as you get ( around 3:1 ie for every three troops your receive..give one.  So if you have received 100 troops, you should have given around 33. If you have received 100 but have given less than 10, you are considered a leech and automatically kicked out)
  6. Members who have received over 50 troops and have donated nothing to be considered leeches and shall be given only goblins and wall breakers. - Warning them about being a leech.
  7. Have Fun
  8. Post only in English
  9. Don't tease the Valkyries..they don't like it.
  10. Mostly harmless
  11. Never knowingly be serious
  12. When it stops being fun...leave
  13. Don't ask to be made a Co-Leader or Elder
  14. Remember all Rules
  15. The Leader makes the Rule..and you know the rest
  16. Remember the Enemy will attack when you are not watching.
  17. After each victory you must do the Hokey Pokey!
  18. He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day
  19. Knowledge equals victory
  20. Clan rules apply to all member of the clan.
  21. Hear all, trust nothing.
  22. Never load crossbows with shoot out someone's eye)
  23. Clan Rules can change at any time.
  24. Upgrade or die!
  25. Opportunity, plus instinct, equals victory.
  26. It never hurts to suck up to the leaders.
  27. Sometimes the only thing more dangerous than a question is an answer
  28. This rule intentionally left blank
  29. Keep your ears open and your eyes on the mark.
  30. Don't be greedy..allow others to donate troops too.
  31. Never pull a Giants finger.
  32. Check the clan rules frequently,
  33. Spock Rocks!
  34. Only members whose names are composed of Latin Characters are allows..sorry!
  35. If you decide to leave the clan, please don't expect to be let back in unless you gave us a good reason before leaving. If you leave to join another clan..and then change your with that choice.
  36. Never EVER stick you tongue on the Tesla coils.
  37. Inferno towers are not to be used to roast marshmallows.
  38. This is Not Rule 35..Remember it!
  39. After each clan war rule 17 twice
  40. After each clan war defeat.. shake your fist at War Gods and scream -" blag laz sut!"
  41. Never pay for stuff ! ..unless you like spending real money for virtual stuff!
  42. The Clan Leader is the Clan Leader..don't question what he does..unless  you are prepared to clean his tent, wash his dragon, repaint his clan castle...and more.
  43. Gems don't make you good warrior. Practice does.
  44. Don't ask for troops that you can't donate!
  45. We apologize for the inconvenience

How To Get Kicked Out
We have no desire and take no delight in removing people from the clan but to keep the Clan in Good working order here are somethings to get you kicked out.
  1. Using Profanity (instant kick)
  2. Not posing in English
  3. Being a leech. Always requesting troops and barely giving. (ie if you received 100 troops but have only given less than 10). You will get only two warnings. We automatically kick out all leeches on Sunday!
  4. Not using both of your attacks during the clan war. Using only 1 may put you on probation for a week, but don't count on it. Co-leaders and Elders will be demoted on the first offense.
  5. Sneaking back in after you have been kicked out
  6. Being and Elder or Co-leader and have abused your authority
  7. Being known as  a  Hokey Pokey Member (you jump in, you jump out)

Becoming a Clan Elder.
  • Don't ask to be made an Elder.
  • Once you have  prove your worth in the test of arms under the eyes of the Leader you can be made an Elder by reaching  and maintaining 1450 trophies
  • All of the above  and donating at least 100 troops after joining the clan.
  • Elders are responsible for training and helping younger members

Becoming a  Co-Leader.
We only need 3-5 co-leaders maximum
  1. Don't ask to be made a Co-Leader
  2. Maintain being an Elder
  3. Obey all clan rules
  4. Highly visible in posts
  5. Help enforce Clan Rules
  6. Delight the Leader
  7. Being at least  Crystal League  helps 
  8. Maintain at least  Crystal League
  9. 1 Co-Leader will serve as War Chief and manages all Clan Wars.
  10. 1 Co-Leader will serve as Gate Keeper as manages Clan Membership

What Else....
  • Col-Leaders and Elders are to nurture the lower level members of your clan, give them advice and help them to develop as a player.
  • Elders should help recruit good members. 
  • CO-LEADERS can and should kick disruptive/offensive members, sure give them a chance, and remind them of the rules at least twice to see what they are about but if they constantly go against the rules of the clan and upset valued clan members, kick them out!!!
  • CO-Leader also kick out leeches. (Leeches are members who always ask for troops, be hardly ever donate troops_
  • CO-Leaders can Promote Qualifying Members to Elder.
  • CO-Leaders CANNOT Promote members to Co-Leaders. 
  • Elders and above should remind players of clan rules and enforce them.
  • The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything is 42
  • Anything else you want to above your pay grade.

Using the Blog (Clan Hall)  

The Clan Blog has two area

  • Players Tips... help for Players - post questions and answers about Game Play Here
  • Drinks for Everyone - Social Chit Chat
The Clan Rules apply here


  1. You Must Use Both Attacks- if not- there is a 87.624537102% chance you will be kicked out of the clan.
  2. You may only opt out of two consecutive clan wars, unless you have issues..then you must let someone know!
  3. Don't pick on targets less than 4 under your target camp...unless they are open 2 hours before war ends or you seek revenge.
  4. Think and plan before you attack!
  5. Have the correct troops to cause the most damage.
  6. Attack to cause as much damage as possible.
  7. We do not fight to be merciful. Mercy is for the weak.  The enemy clan deserves no mercy.
  8. Upper player should donate best fighters to lower players so that they have a change of victory.
  9. If possible always take out the enemy town hall
  10. Watch out for traps
  11. Make your decisions promptly. It is better to act quickly even though your tactics are not the best. 
  12. Never place friendship above winning
  13. Opportunity plus instinct equals victory.
  14. Go in quickly – punch hard – get out!